Our products are made in France in our laboratory located in Brittany and are respectful of production processes and ethics. Our raw materials come from supervised zones and have every guarantee necessary for their use.

Used since centuries in their raw form, algae are vegetable with exceptional virtues : laminaria, fucus, wakame, lithomanium… attest these unique properties. Moutiers’ clay, with its unique properties, provides a long-lasting benefit and an intense mineral richness, while eliminating toxins. The algae and sea clay production are environmentally friendly. Regarding the abundance of this resource, marine resources are a major solution for our planet future. 

Here are some examples of our raw materials richness :

Marine Clay : Found in Moutiers en Retz, in South Brittany and formed over a million of year, this clay deposit is rich in sea water. Particularly enriched in minerals and trace elements, it is an ideal mineral resource.
White oyster shells powder: Harvested on the beaches of western France, the white oyster shells are then reduced to powder to enrich our products. Very rich in calcium, the white powder of oyster shells has many properties: exfoliating, remineralizing, abrasive, pigmenting ... It is used in several fields: cosmetic, nutraceutical and industry.
Laminaire / Laminaria Digitata : Laminaria digitata is a large brown to olive green seaweed that can measure up to 6 meters long. The laminaria are present in the cold seas from the lower tide zone. The laminaria are highly concentrated in minerals and trace elements. Remineralizing and invigorating, this algae helps restore body balance.
Fucus / Fucus Vesiculosus : Fucus Vesiculosus is a brown algae that can measure between 20 and 100 cm and found on the rocks. Registered at the pharmacopoeia, it is commonly used in cosmetics, pharmacy, dietetics and animal nutrition. Remineralizing and slimming, it promotes micro-circulation and helps to drain water retained in tissues. 
Lithothamnium / Lithothamnium Calcareum : Lithothamnium is a 2-cm red alga which has similarities with coral. Very rich in calcium, it preserves bone capital and is particularly suited for rheumatism, osteoporosis and joints problems.

Essential components to the healthy functioning of the human body, these are not synthesized by our organism. They must therefore be provided by the diet or topically (transcutaneous passage during Thalassotherapy treatment).
Our body can store mineral salts and trace elements, hence the importance of thalassotherapy cares to provide in suitable quantity and durably those life elements.


Mineral salts are found in « large » quantity in the organism (a few grams), among them we can find sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus… 

Iron : Essential tocarry oxygen in the blood and to produce red blood cells.
Sodium : Plays an important role in intracellular and extracellular water regulation, as well as in blood pressure regulation.
Calcium : Essential to bone strength and to muscle and nerve cells good functioning.
Potassium : Essential to the functioning of the cells, to the use of carbohydrates by the organism and to the transmission of the nerve messages.
Magnesium : Essential to muscular contraction and transmission of nerve impulses.

Trace elements are found in small quantities in the organism. We find for instance iodine, copper, fluorine, chlorine, zinc, cobalt, selenium, molybdenum and manganese…  

Manganèse is an essential nutriment that contributes to bone formation. It stimulates the use of carbohydrates and lipids by the organism and fights against free radicals.
Iodine is one of the principal components of thyroid hormones, which play an essential role regarding regulation of the body temperature, reproduction, growth, blood cells production, nervous system development and muscles functioning.
Zinc is a powerful antioxidant and plays an essential role in immune defenses support. It is indispensable for the functioning of several enzymes as well as for the use of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins by the organism.
Though ot represents less than one gram in our body, Copper is a vital element that plays a key role for joints and collagen formation, it also takes a part in regular connective tissues maintenance and in nervous and immune systems functioning.