Laminaria algae cream

Remineralization - Reshaping

Texture : paste

Recommended for all types of skin




  • Provides trace elements and minerals
  • Remineralizes the epidermis
  • Eases and prevents joint pains
  • Helps firm the skin

Mainly composed of laminaria algae and lithotamnium our formula has a unique richness of minerals and trace elements which play essential roles for our metabolism.

Soft and unctuous, the paste’s texture is perfectly adapted for an application over the entire body.

Our special formula offers a high content of minerals which guaranties total effectiveness.


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Laminaria digitata is a large brown to olive green sea-weed that can measure up to 6 meters long.
The laminaria are present in the cold seas from the lower tide zone.
The laminaria algae concentrate a large quantity of minerals and trace elements with an exceptional concentration.
Remineralizing and invigorating, this alga helps eliminate toxins and purify the epidermis.

Lithothamnium is a red algae which produces calcareous concretions and which mainly grows in the North Atlantic ocean, but also in the North Sea, The English Channel and the Mediterranean Sea.
This seaweed has the ability to crystallise calcium but also magnesium, iron and others seawater trace elements on its thallus.

Trace elements and Minerals of which : 65 469 mg/kg Essential components to the healthy functioning of the organism which however does not know how to make them. They must therefore be provided by the diet or topically (transcutaneous passage during thalassotherapy treatment)
Potassium 2 893 mg/kg Essential to the functioning of the cells, to the use of carbo-hydrates by the organism and to the transmission of the nerve messages.
Iron 271 mg/kg Essential to the transport of oxygen and to the formation of red blood cells in the blood.
Magnesium 4 459 mg/kg Essential to muscular contraction and transmission of nerve impulses.
Calcium 45 958 mg/kg Essential to bone strength and to muscle and nerve cells functioning.

Directions for use

For single use, the laminaria algae cream is applied directly in contact with the skin, ideally at a temperature of between 37 ° and 41 ° C, for a period of twenty minutes.
Once the paste is applied to the skin, the body is wrapped with a protective sheet and sometimes with a warming blanket, which will maintain the application temperature in order to boost the absorption of active ingredients.
After the treatment, the person takes a shower and takes a rest period.
For a full body wrap, it is recommended to use between 600 g and 850 g of product depending on the person size.